The Company

Alan S.r.l. has been operating for almost 30 years in the waste treatment and intermediation sector.

It currently owns and operates 2 plants for the treatments of biological sludge for reuse in agriculture, located respectively in the municipalities of Bascapè (PV) and Sommo (PV).

Alan S.r.l. is also registered in the Lombardia section of the Albo Gestori Ambientali (Environmental Managers Registry) – Cat. 8 class B in order to carry out intermediation and trade of waste activities.

Alan S.r.l. also managed for almost two decades two OFMSW treatment plants located in the municipalities of Zinasco and Voghera, which through an anaerobic digestion process produce electricity.
Additionally, with the digestate obtained from this process and by means of an aerobic composting plant, quality compost is produced.

Thanks to the current facilities, Alan S.r.l. recuperates 114,500 tons/year of biosolids, rendering the contained organic matter and nutrients available for soil fertilization. This effectively constitutes a model of circular economy.

As a result of our activity, a significant amount of nutrients is recuperated as shown in the following table. This results in lower equivalent CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, as an outcome of the reduced production of traditional fertilizers.

AZOTO +500t/anno

FOSFORO +300t/anno

POTASSIO +600t/anno